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This Federal Thunderbolt siren came from Abiline Texas and I believe was taken down sometime in the 1990s. I believe that his siren was installed sometime in the early 1960s or maybe even the late 1950's. This Thunderbolt is a single tone model 1000. This section shows what was done during the restoration of this siren.

The Thunderbolt siren I restored was sold to the Moss Lake community in North Texas in January 2006 along with another Thunderbolt that I purchased from Gainesville Texas. Both of these sirens are now in service at Moss Lake for weather warning. The photo above is the horn/rotator unit of the siren I restored shown in this section. I put together a separate page showing the sirens at Moss Lake.

Thunderbolt Painted
This photo was taken in April 2002 after putting on the Federal stickers and CD emblems.
Click photo to see larger.

Condition Of Siren When I Brought It Home
Horn and blower Here is the blower and horn assembly when I first got it. The worst of the paint removal was already done when I got it. The blower air pipe, sticking up on the right, was cut off with a torch. I took the horn and had it sandblasted to finish the paint removal. Anyone else out there that is going to restore a Thunderbolt should look into having the horn sandblasted if they want to repaint it. Sandblasting is the easiest way to go with paint removal on one of these horns. The sandblaster got the horn down to bare clean metal all the way down inside the throat of the horn.

Rotator Here is the rotator/chopper housing assembly as it was when I got it. The top sheetmetal of this housing was damaged so it had to be straightened before painting. The rotator is surrounded with Civil Defense Packaged Disaster Hospital supplies I had recently aquired in this photo.

Finished Rotator. Here is the finished rotator/horn assembly. The gear box in the rotator still needed to be sealed when this photo was taken but the exterior is done.