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CD V-777A RADEF Monitoring Support Set

CD V-777A Kit

The CD V-777A "RADEF Monitoring Support Set" was a supplemental set to the CD V-777 set. This set was to supplement the CD V-777 set for use in radiological monitoring stations by adding the CD V-717 remote sensor survery meter. The CD V-717 would be used by placing the remote sensor outside the shelter area so outside radiation levels could be monitored without going outside the shelter. Chapter VIII, Annex 1 of DOD, OCD publication SM-11.23.2 "Radiological Defense, Planning and Operations Guide" revised March 1967 lists the contents for a CD V-777A kit as seen above, 1-CD V-700 Geiger counter, 1-CD V-715 Survey Meter, 1-CD V-717 Survey Meter, remote sensor, 3-CD V-742 Dosimeters and 1-CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger. The FEMA publication CPG 2-2 dated Sept 1991 also has a kit contents list for the CD V-777A it's the same as the above list but with 6-CD V-742 Dosimeters instead of 3.

A bit more info from the Radiological Defense, Planning and Operations Guide, Chapter VIII Annex 2, Page 8-17


The supplementary set of radiological defense equipment is made available
to selected operational monitoring stations to accomplish the following
1. Allow on-station measurement of high radiation dose rates with minimal
    exposure to monitors.
2. Increase the availability of survey meters to those stations
    which are assigned extensive mobile monitoring responsibil-
    ities, or ground support or aerial monitoring operations.

This annex contains information on requirements and procedures relating to
the availability of the Radef Monitoring Support Set for the operational moni-
toring stations.

(Kit contents table omitted because of listing above....)

To obtain a Radef Monitoring Support Set, CD V-777A, the requirements for
obtaining the issue of a Radiological Defense Operational Set, CD V-777,
must be met, and in addition:
1. At least four trained radiological monitors for each monitoring
    station are required.
2. The monitoring station must have a major assignment for mobile
    monitoring of must be located at or near an airport to support
    aerial monitoring operations.
3. The monitoring station has a minimum PF of 40 and plans have been
    established to increase this protection factor to 100 or better.
    Annex 1 of this chapter, page 8-9, will assist in the evaluation
    of the protection factor of a facility in those cases where the
    building has not been surveyed previously under the National
    Shelter Survey Program.
4. The CD V-717 instrument has not been, and will not be requested
    for the station.