CD V-777 and CD V-777A RADEF Monitoring Kits

CD V-777 Operational Set

CD V-777 Kit

This is the CD V-777 Operational Set. The CD V-777 Set was designated to be used by fallout monitoring stations according to Chapter VIII, Annex 1 of DOD, OCD publication SM-11.23.2 "Radiological Defense, Planning and Operations Guide" revised March 1967. The Chapter VIII, Annex 1 of this book lists the kit contents as seen above, 1-CD V-700 Geiger counter, 2-CD V-715 Survey Meters, 2-CD V-742 Dosimeters and 1-CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger. The FEMA publication CPG 2-2 dated Sept 1991 also has a contents list for the CD V-777 kit. The CPG 2-2 document has the CD V-777 kit contents the same as above but with 6-CD V-742 Dosimeters instead of 2.

CD V-777 Kit

This is the original makeup of the CD V-777 kit. The earliest contents list I have found for the V-777 kit is in the NP-23-1 Appendix 1, Annex 23 of National Radiological Defense Plan. The contents list in the NP-23-1 consists of 1-CD V-700 Geiger Counter, 1-CD V-720 Survey Meter, 1-CD V-710 Survey Meter, (The CD V-710 and V-720 were later replaced by the CD V-715s in later CD V-777 kits.) 1-CD V-730 Dosimeter, 1-CD V-740 Dosimeter, 1-CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger and a pair of CD V-860 or CD V-870 protective masks. See below.

Requirements for obtaining instruments for monitoring stations from the Radiological Defense Planning and Operations Guide SM-11.23.2 March 1967

Requirements for obtaining operational radiological defense equipment for a monitoring station are:

1. A minimum of two monitors, trained through OCD approved courses, is required for each monitoring station.
    Four trained monitors are preferred so that during the emergency period 24-hour coverage may be maintained.
2. A method of communication (telephone or radio) must be available for the monitoring station to report data to the designated data collection station.
3. A facility location which satisfies the requirements of the planned dispersal of monitoring stations.
4. A facility with a protection factor of 100 or greater must be unilized, if available, in the area needed for geographical coverage.
    A monitoring station may be established at a location having a lower PF.
    However, it must be established in a facility providing the protection available in the geographical area.
    A plan should be developed to improve the fallout protection as soon as as practicable.
    Matching funds may be utilized by the State for providing a protection factor of 100.

The applicant must also agree to to train replacement monitors; maintain the equipment in operating condition; perform monthly operability checks; maintain rosters of monitoring stations and trained monitors with their assignments.

CD V-777 Kit With Protective Masks

CD V-777 Shipping Box
CD V-777 shipping box.
Box is larger to allow space for protective masks.
CD V-777 Kit Box
CD V-777 kit box was down inside of shipping box
with the masks in the empty space above.
Navy MK IV Mask With CD V-777 Kit
Navy Mk IV mask and bag that came with V-777 kit.
Navy MK IV Mask With CD V-777 Kit
Other mask shown from back.

I obtained an incomplete early V-777 kit that came with two WWII vintage Navy Mark IV gas masks. The kit was missing the CD V-750 charger, CD V-700 geiger counter and the CD V-730 dosimeter. The shipping date on this kit is July 10 1962. This is the only CD V-777 kit I have seen with masks. I don't know if this Navy mask ever had a CD V number.

Another source of information about the masks is the 1962 Office Of Civil Defense Annual Statistical Report.

The 1962 Report states...
Through FY 1962 , 172,297 masks had been procured. Of these 139,797 were from military stock and 32,500 were from manufacturers. The total number of masks supplied the states for familiarization, demonstration and emergency use was 70,000 and to radiological monitoring stations, 62, 800 at the rate of 2 per station.
Thanks to Nick for the 1962 Annual Report info!
Obviosly the Navy masks that came with the kit above were from the "military stocks" mentioned in the OCD 1962 statistical report.

The shipping address on this kit is "Jefferson County Civil Defense Agency, Golden Colorado." It would appear that this kit was shipped to Jefferson County for use in a radiological monitoring station. On the back of the box written in marker is "2/14" which leads me to believe that it was part of a shipment of 14 kits. The return address is "General Services Administration, CDM Depot, Hampton Iowa."

CD V-777A RADEF Monitoring Support Set

CD V-777A Kit

The CD V-777A "RADEF Monitoring Support Set" was a supplemental set to the CD V-777 set. This set was to supplement the CD V-777 set for use in radiological monitoring stations by adding the CD V-717 remote sensor survery meter. The CD V-717 would be used by placing the remote sensor outside the shelter area so outside radiation levels could be monitored without going outside the shelter.

Chapter VIII, Annex 1 of DOD, OCD publication SM-11.23.2 "Radiological Defense, Planning and Operations Guide" revised March 1967 lists the contents for a CD V-777A kit as seen above, 1-CD V-700 Geiger counter, 1-CD V-715 Survey Meter, 1-CD V-717 Survey Meter, remote sensor, 3-CD V-742 Dosimeters and 1-CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger. The FEMA publication CPG 2-2 dated Sept 1991 also has a kit contents list for the CD V-777A it's the same as the above list but with 6-CD V-742 Dosimeters instead of 3.

A bit more info from the Radiological Defense, Planning and Operations Guide, Chapter VIII Annex 2, Page 8-17


The supplementary set of radiological defense equipment is made available to selected operational monitoring stations to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Allow on-station measurement of high radiation dose rates with minimal exposure to monitors.
2. Increase the availability of survey meters to those stations which are assigned extensive mobile monitoring responsibilities, or ground support or aerial monitoring operations.

This annex contains information on requirements and procedures relating to the availability of the Radef Monitoring Support Set for the operational monitoring stations.

(My Note: Kit contents table omitted because of listing above....)

To obtain a Radef Monitoring Support Set, CD V-777A, the requirements for obtaining the issue of a Radiological Defense Operational Set, CD V-777, must be met, and in addition:

1. At least four trained radiological monitors for each monitoring
    station are required.
2. The monitoring station must have a major assignment for mobile
    monitoring of must be located at or near an airport to support
    aerial monitoring operations.
3. The monitoring station has a minimum PF of 40 and plans have been
    established to increase this protection factor to 100 or better.
    Annex 1 of this chapter, page 8-9, will assist in the evaluation
    of the protection factor of a facility in those cases where the
    building has not been surveyed previously under the National
    Shelter Survey Program.
4. The CD V-717 instrument has not been, and will not be requested
    for the station.