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(Formerly) Churchill Way Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas

Fallout Shelter Sign On Building

This building was originally a church but is now part of the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas. I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the building other than this obscured shelter sign. Former Cooper associate Cameron Taylor took me down into the basement to take the photos in the summer of 2003. Back in my high school days I rememeber poking around this same building one day trying to figure out where the shelter was. 20+ years later there I was photographing the shelter area for this web site. There isn't really anything unique about this shelter. It's pretty much a standard boiler/mechanical room basement fallout shelter area.

Stairs Down To Basement

Stairway on south side of building down to mechanical room/fallout shelter area.

Basement Shelter Area

The original chilled water air conditioning equipment has been removed from this basement leaving more room for storage. There is another room through doorway at far end of room. Entrance doorway is to the immediate left in photo.

Basement Shelter Area

This photo was taken looking back toward the entrance doorway from the doorway at far end of room seen in above photo.

Basement Shelter Area

This is the other room at far end of main mechanical room. Not much to see here.