United States Navy
Radiac Set


Measures 0 - 500 Roentgens Per Hour / 3 Range Scales
Measures Gamma, Detects Beta. / Uses a mica end window Geiger Mueller Tube.
Manufactured By: Electronic Products Co. A Division Of Victoreen Instrument Co.
Uses 2 "D" size 1½ volt batteries.
Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 3¼"

Serial Number : A919
Check source is inside housing and controlled by knob on top panel, see below.

Government cost in 1969: $175.52

AN/PDR-43B Radiac Set
Includes: CY-2073/PDR-43 Case S/N: B919
Technical Manual & Updates / Plastic Radiacmeter Cover / Shoulder Strap

Inside View
This Unit is complete and working.

Close Up View Of Kr-85 Check Source
The lever on the top of the unit moves the check source over to the Beta detector tube.
Moving the lever to the "beta" position, moves the shield away from the tube.
80 microcurie (µCi) source (in December 1960) ... 10.756 year half life ... not much left.

Let's do the math, shall we...
as of July 2003, the check source should now be :

4.848954529965065 microcuries (µCi) +/-

OK ! I cheated and used this Half Life Calculator

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To learn more than you ever wanted to know about Krypton.
From The Argonne National Laboratory
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