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Civil Defense Audio - Radio Spots From In Time Of Emergency Radio Kit No. 1

These radio spots were taken from the In Time of Emergency Radio kit #1 released by the Office of Civil Defense in 1968. The radio kit consists of 1-12" record album with ten radio spots on it. The files are all in .mp3 format.

Radioactive Fallout (mp3)

This spot describes what radioactive fallout is, where it comes from and what is dangerous about it. I can't imagine actually hearing something like this on the radio.

Attack Warning (mp3)

This spot describes the attack warning signal. Find out from your local Civil Defense office the attack warning system that will be used in your community.

If Caught In The Open (mp3)

This spot describes the basic "Duck and Cover" drill if you are out in the open and there is a "Brilliant Nuclear Flash."

Public Shelter Sign (mp3)

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it's always wise to keep an eye open for the black and yellow Public Fallout shelter signs.

Improvising Fallout Protection (Homes with Basements) (mp3)

In a basement, choose a corner most below ground and away from windows. Drag in a heavy bench or table to make a roof for your shelter.

Improvising Fallout Protection (Homes without Basements) (mp3)

If regular shelter isn't available, and even if your home has no basement, you could still improvise some limitied fallout protection...

What to Take to Shelter (mp3)

There is one easy, sensible thing your family should do to prepare for a possible time of emergency. Set aside a few simple, basic supplies you'll need to take to the public fallout shelter.

Emergency Water Supply (mp3)

If necessary, you can even drink water that has been exposed to fallout, however, very young children should be given non-contaminated liquids when available.

Fire Hazards (mp3)

If there is ever a nuclear emergency, special fire precautions should be taken, particularly if you plan to use a home shelter.This one has a different announcer. He has an interesting way that he says "shelterrrr", "waterr" and "firrre".

Follow Official Instructions (mp3)

Especially in time of emergency, think before you act, and follow instructions by responsible authorities.

Civil Defense Audio - In Time Of Emergency Radio Kit 2

These public service announcements were taken from the In Time of Emergency Radio kit #2 released by the Office of Civil Defense in 1968. The radio kit consists of 1-12" record album with six radio spots on it. Actually these really aren't "radio spots" because they are range from 2:19 to 6:56 minutes in length. The files are all in .mp3 format.

Here are are the notes from the back of the record jacket....


The public service announcements in this kit are based upon instructions in the Office of Civil Defense handbook, "In Time Of Emergency," published in March 1968. There is no special significance to the release of the kit at this time.

Twice in recent history, the United States has become involved in international situations of such gravity that enemy nuclear attack was feared a possibility. And each time, radio stations have been besieged with calls from listeners asking what practical measures a person might take to increase his chance for survival.

To help meet this need, if a similar crisis occurs in the future, the Office Of Civil Defense, Department of Defense, has prepared two series of transcribed announcements (Radio Kit #1 and #2) containing information of value to all citizens in helping to prepare themselves for a time of emergency.

The content of RADIO KIT #2 contains six special announcements of greater length that the usual radio spots, which are intended for use in time of extreme emergency when your listeners would need more detailed information and instructions for their protection.

However, there is much useful guidance that can't be offered from the national level, since local conditions and problems may vary from one community to another.

That is why the Office of Civil Defense intends that this EMERGENCY INFORMATION RADIO KIT be delivered to you by your area civil defense director of other local official who has the resposibility for preparing your community for possible nuclear emergency. He will be glad to add any special local information and instructions your listeners may need.

Side 1
1. Main Hazards Of Nuclear Attack (mp3) (4:58)
2. Fire Prevention--Firefighting (mp3) (3:47)
3. Attack Warning (mp3) (2:57)

Side 2
1. Where to Find Shelter--What To Take Along (mp3) (2:19)
2. Improvising Fallout Protection (mp3) (6:56)
3. Food and Water (mp3) (4:40)
Civil Defence Film Audio Files From The UK.

I have to thank Dave Mapley for sending me this sound file in May of 2002.
Here are his comments about this sound file that he sent to me....

The first is a sound recording of a public information film from a series called 'Protect and Survive.' They were originally made in the mid 1960's and revamped around about 1980. They were in a cartoon format and would have been been shown in tandem with a parallel newspaper campaign during the transition to war period (TTW.)

UK Protect and Survive Audio Clip (mp3)

I also received three more UK sound files from Matt in Lancashire UK in July of 2004.
Here are his comments about this sound file that he sent to me....

Hello, I have been morbidly obsessed with cold war lore ever since my Swiss auntie let me sleep in her fallout shelter back in '86 (it was much like the home shelter on your site, except all her neighbours' houses had one as well).

Attached are three mp3s from the Protect & Survive films (0f which 20 were made in 1975). I know you already have Make Your Fallout Room and Inner Refuge NOW on your site, but what the heck - here're a couple more you might want to consider.

Patrick Allen, the severe narrator, now does voiceovers for comedy shows and bleach adverts. In fact, when I recently played Sanitation Care to a friend he thought it was a skit on the futility of surviving nuclear war. - Matt, Lancashire, UK

Casualties-mp3 1.4Mb File Size

Sanitation Care-mp3 2.3Mb File Size

Stay_at_home-mp3 1.2Mb File Size
Video Stuff
For all my other videos see my youtube channel here.
KDFW Channel 4 News Story
On February 15, 2003 KDFW Channel 4 came to my house and did a news story on my web site/collection. The story aired on the 6 and 9 O'clock news that night. To see a video of the news report click on the link below.
Channel 4 News Story Video (WMV File)
I have to give a HUGE THANKS to Brent Willcox for capturing this video!
I have not posted this video on my youtube channel because they might remove it since it's an actual newscast.

Civil Defense Film Strips and Film Stills

Civil Defense Film Strip Frames

I took some images from some of my Civil Defense instruction film strips. These are just as good as the stuff in the Art Gallery. The film has turned red over the years. I wish I could see how they looked when they were new.
Civil Defense Film Strip Frames

Civil Defense Radiological Monitoring Film Stills
I put together a few pages of film stills from a Civil Defense Radiological Monitoring film that I have in my collection. I need to get these transferred to video soon. I just snapped photos of the screen while the thing ran on the projector. It's a bit cheesy but you can click through some frames from the film.
Civil Defense Radiological Monitoring Film Stills.